Posted by: smithy | June 24, 2009

My News Summary, 6/24/2009

My News Summary, 6/24/2009

For the past few months I’ve been collecting and sending to a friend of mine links to articles dealing mostly with Obama’s domestic and foreign policies. Rather than send my friend a dozen emails daily, I’ve decided to collect these links on my website and send him that. Most of what you will find here are links to articles that I find interesting or important with maybe a few words of commentary that I’ll add. The sites I visit most often are Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air, Instapundit, Ace of Spades HQ, JOSHUAPUNDIT, and Wolf Howling. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites, I’ve overall found the analysis there to be good and worth reading, which is why I reference their articles. You can consider what I’m doing as either a personal news summary or my sharing with you my part of a conversation.

Foreign News/Policy

Breaking news: Massacre near Iran’s Parliament? Audio: Eyewitness describes massacre, IRAN: DAY 12 OF THE REVOLUTION – How could Obama do nothing? “Blood everywhere” “militia with axe chopping ppl like meat” “militia beating one woman with baton on ground – she had no defense nothing – sure that she is dead”, Weenie diplomacy now out?, and What’s on the menu: waffles with the weenie diplomacy.

More articles on the situation in Iran: Khamenei says no compromise, Why Iran’s Women Are Rioting, How Neda Divided My Family, Video – Liz Cheney: Obama is Putting America on the Wrong Side of History, Obama’s “appalled” now, Major Garrett to Obama on Iran: Um, what took you so long?, White House: Cairo speech inspired the Iran uprising, Obama’s letter to the mullahs, Britain, France & EU Condemn Iranian Slaughter– Obama Serves Hotdogs, State Dep’t: Iranian diplomats still welcome to celebrate July 4th with U.S.; Update: Video added, Obama: I Don’t Want to Meddle, and I Certainly Still Respect the Islamic Regime and Supreme Leader, and the Hot Dog Invitation is Still On, But Oh, By the Way? All the Protests? You’re Welcome.

Analysis and a summary of events in Iran with pictures and video can be found at Michael J. Totten’s Blog, Atlas Shrugs, Berman Post, and Gateway Pundit.

For an understanding of why Obama is so much more sympathetic to the Iranian government than the protesters, read Obama: A Man Tyrants Can Do Business With, Obama’s Got Something Against Israel, and THE SILENCE OF OBAMA.

More Obama foreign policy: Obama negotiating with terrorists for hostages?, Obama Administration Wants Settlement Freeze To Include Jerusalem, and Obama’s Foreign Follies.

Domestic News/Policy

Obama and the Democrats’ Deathcare: Cold Chills and Assisted Suicide: Why Every Senior Must Oppose Democrats’ Health Care Plans, Congress and the Unions Exempt from Obamacare, and Are Army hospitals our future?

On the other hand, why worry? After Obama has complete control over our healthcare, our economy, and our lives, maybe he’ll finally heal our souls.

Hillariously Funny Video: He’s Barack Obama by JibJab.

Obama’s troubled agenda: Immigration on or off the table?, Cap and Tax: How Much Will It Cost Us?, Making Pravda Blush, Obama 2008: Cap & Trade Will Cause Electricity Rates to Skyrocket… Obama 2009: Only Polluters Will Pay, Math in the Age of Obama: WH Will Rely on Self-Counting by “Stimulus” Recipients to Determine How Many Jobs are “Created;” Claims He Won’t Stand for Any Numbers Fudged Just to Justify the Expenditure, Tick, Tock: 39% Now Blame Obama for Economy, a 12 Point Jump in a Single Month. Politico: “Obama’s Poll Numbers Start to Wilt”.

Covering up firing an IG: How “confused and disoriented” was Walpin at that meeting?

Are Zombie Movies liberal or conservative? Also, more Zombie Stuff.


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