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My News Summary, 6/19/2009

My News Summary, 6/19/2009

For the past few months I’ve been collecting and sending to a friend of mine links to articles dealing mostly with Obama’s domestic and foreign policies. Rather than send my friend a dozen emails daily, I’ve decided to collect these links on my website and send him that. Most of what you will find here are links to articles that I find interesting or important with maybe a few words of commentary that I’ll add. The sites I visit most often are Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air, Instapundit, Ace of Spades HQ, JOSHUAPUNDIT, and Wolf Howling. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites, I’ve overall found the analysis there to be good and worth reading, which is why I reference their articles. You can consider what I’m doing as either a personal news summary or my sharing with you my part of a conversation.

Foreign News/Policy

More articles on the situation in Iran: What Just Happened?, The moving finger writes, Khomeini’s Arabization of Persia, Hamas helping Iran crack heads?, Wanted: ‘Hope’ for Iran, What The President Should Have Said To The Iranian People, The People of Iran Will Not Forgive Obama For Siding With the Regime, and If the Protesters Don’t Want U.S. Support, Why Are Their Signs in English?

Analysis and a summary of events in Iran can be found at Michael J. Totten’s posts on Iran at Commentary, while Berman Post, Gateway Pundit, Ace of Spades HQ include pictures and videos.

Of course they want an atom bomb: Iranian Official Admits Nuclear Program Is Not Peaceful.

Obama and EU butt kissing the most radical Islamic groups: The EU Caves On Hamas (Caving?), Obama Sudan Envoy Declares End to Genocide, I guess the Jihadis finished killing everybody, BACKING THE MULLAHS: OBAMA’S COWARDICE AND HYPOCRISY IN IRAN, Hillary demands settlement closure in Israel, but not freedom in Iran, 3 am and Iranian people get voice mail, Hail to the Victors (Very funny). For an explanation of why Obama is so sympathetic to the most radical groups, read Obama’s Got Something Against Israel.

Over the last few months, sightings of George Bush have been rarer than sightings of Big Foot. Here’s a confirmed sighting: Bush speaks out.

Are the North Koreans committing acts of war against us? Related? US Tracking North Korean Ship Suspected of Carrying Missile, Possibly Nuclear Technology, Kim Jong-Il to provide Hawaiian fireworks for 4th of July, Gird? Check Your? Check Loins? Double-Check! North Korea Tests Young, Inexperienced, Confused and Disoriented President By Threatening Missile Launch on Hawaii on July 4th, NORK ATTACK ON US JULY 4TH?, Smuggled bonds were counterfeit, says US, and BUSTED: The $134 Billion Smuggled Bonds Were FAKE.

Depressing but true: Muslim Countries lead in Trafficking and Slavery.

Domestic News/Policy

Socialist Thug Alert: Obama has fired 2 IGs in 2 weeks, leashed another, Two IGs Investigating “Sensitive” Matters Fired; Third One Put on Short Leash; “Top White House” Lawyer Tells Baffled Republicans That Walpin Firing Was “An Act of Political Courage”, Fired IG Returns Fire; Hits Obama on 57 States Gaffe, Biden on… Everything He’s Said.

On the other hand, why worry? After Obama has complete control over our lives, maybe he’ll finally heal our souls.

What the World’s Great Recession Looks Like. More can found at New Studies Show Economy Tracking 1930s Declines and Another Great Depression?. There are three negatives that made the Great Depression much worse that we don’t have now: (1) the Smoot-Hawley tariffs that started a trade war, (2) a complete collapse of the banking system, and (3) the lack of a social safety net. We might still be able to avoid the worst parts of the Great Depression.

Dems retreating on healthcare. If the Democrats can’t do this, then they’re likely to lose upcoming elections, like in 1994. I suspect they’ll come up with something, even if it’s only a partial plan, because their political lives are on the line.

Obama: I’d Be A Laissez-Faire Kind Of Guy But Bush Screwed Everything Up. This has got to be the most shameless and dishonest remark I’ve heard from a leading Democrat since Bill Clinton’s “I’ve never had sex with that women.” Obama will be blaming everything on Bush for the next four years. Related: Obama claims to be losing sleep over Obama deficits. This has got to be the second most shameless remark I’ve heard since Bill Clinton’s presidency.

ABC is the new All Barrack Channel: $hocking: ABC Employees’ Donations Went to Obama by a 33-to-1 Ratio, and Not a Single Journalist Gave to Palin/McCain and ABC goes MSNBC?, and we knew the media was in bed with the administration, but now they’re in the office, too. The network of Mickey Mouse has turned itself into an Obama rat.

What will ABC’s Obamacare Special look like? ABC: We Want to Hear from All Voices in the Health Care “Debate,” But We Sure the Hell Don’t Want to Hear from Dissenters, Michelle: Will libertarian John Stossel be part of ABC’s Obama infomercial?. No diversity, only group think. Related: Agitator and Agitprop in Chief. A discussion of agitprop can be found at Wikipedia.

Hacking for Iranian freedom: Web Attacks Expand in Iran’s Cyber Battle (h/t Instapundit), Cyberwar guide for Iran elections, We’ve Got Tools to Undo Censorship in Iran and China. Let’s Use Them, and Iran: Information crackdown.

The lighter side: Resistance is futile (both Obama and Bill Gates believe it).

Funny film review: Star Trek 2.0.

More Star Trek reviews: J.J. Abrams Is a Neuroscientist. Note that Gene Rodenberry was the “Neuroscientist.” J.J. Abrams became a successful version of Dr. Frankenstein by restoring a dead franchise: It’s alive! It’s alive!


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