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My News Summary, 6/15/2009

My News Summary, 6/15/2009

For the past few months I’ve been collecting and sending to a friend of mine links to articles dealing mostly with Obama’s domestic and foreign policies. Rather than send my friend a dozen emails daily, I’ve decided to collect these links on my website and send him that. Most of what you will find here are links to articles that I find interesting or important with maybe a few words of commentary that I’ll add. The sites I visit most often are Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air, Instapundit, Ace of Spades HQ, JOSHUAPUNDIT, and Wolf Howling. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites, I’ve overall found the analysis there to be good and worth reading, which is why I reference their articles. You can consider what I’m doing as either a personal news summary or my sharing with you my part of a conversation.

Foreign News/Policy

Two interesting articles on Obama’s policy toward Israel: The Audacity of Bullying (Israel) and Israel Need Not Apply for ‘Hope and Change’. It’s simple Israel: All Israelis must immediately convert to Islam. Then you can have the full support of Obama, Western Europe, and the Islamic world. No one will dare criticize you if you’re all Muslims.

Good reading: Iran’s political coup, Riots in Tehran as Thug-In-Chief declares victory and Iran: Election Protests Spread. Now an interesting dissenting opinion: Let’s root for Ahmadinejad (my title). What I have trouble understanding is why the Mullahs went to the trouble of rigging the election for Ahmadinejad. Mousavi is at best a mild reformer. Clearly the Mullahs are afraid of something. I’m wondering if it’s related to Iran’s nuclear energy (atomic bomb) program which Ahmadinejad wholeheartedly supports. Perhaps they’re afraid that dissent might slow down their atom bomb project, or that Iranians will complain if the international community boycotts Iran after it sets off an atom bomb. The Mullahs might even be worried about an Israeli attack or a foreign inspired coup to stop the atom bomb project, so they want an unapologetic hardliner in the presidency. Some other possibilities unrelated to the atom bomb project are discussed in JUDITH MILLER: Iran’s Fishy Election Is Trouble for Obama.

Zany Hillary: Israel is on its own with Iran. Never, ever, anytime, anywhere, anyhow, trust a Clinton.

WHAT OBAMA TAUGHT ME. My answer to what Obama taught me would be that hope-through-regime-change begins at home. Related: Dr. Sanity: ON THE BEACH and President Obama’s Cairo Speech: Outrageous, Absurd, Embarrassing.

Domestic News/Policy

An interesting read: How a Liberal Lesbian became a Conservative. Also, from the same author, Why the Left hates Sarah Palin. Note: Among all the “sins” that the Left hates Sarah Palin for, I think the worst is that she’s a Conservative Christian. Many of the particulars that anger the Left are due to her Christianity, but just the fact that she’s a successful Conservative Christian is enough. Ingrained in modern Leftist thinking is religious bigotry against Conservative Christians and Jews, which, of course, they deny. Marx, for example, said in 1843 that “religion is the opiate of the people.” Obama’s comment made in 2008 (165 yrs. later) that small town, working class Americans are “bitter” and “cling to guns and religion” are basically the same as what Marx said. Also, if you can stand it, checkout posts on leftist blogs to see the raw hatred against those who believe in and practice Judeo-Christian values.

On the other hand, why worry? Obama will go on TV any day now, say a few magic words, and miraculously heal our souls. I’m still waiting.

Twin Cities Somalis protest against … CAIR? This should fall under the category of more peaceful Muslims being victimized by more militant Muslims. CAIR is devoted to supporting radical Islamic causes but disguises itself as a civil rights organization. The trend which can be seen in Pakistan, Iraq, and even in Iran, is that more peaceful Muslims don’t want the radicals to interfere in their lives. They may provide the militants with support, but only when the radicals leave them alone. It doesn’t mean that these people are on our side, but it does mean that we can sometimes work with them against our common enemy, the radicals.

Funny video (good political points): Laugh Clowns: Nero Fiddled As Rome Burned … Now America Suffers as Hillary & Co. Laugh It Up.

Scary video: Obama auto team called shareholder lawyer a “terrorist”. Note: The new Obama defintion of a terrorist is anyone who opposes the policies of Obama, not anyone who kills innocent people for political purposes. Warning: If you’re reading this, you might be considered as participating in a “terrorist act” by the Obama administration.

Media Hypocrisy and Willful Stupidity. Right on target, Pam!

Obama the Hallelujahman: Clinging To His Religion: Obama Invokes Jesus More Than Theocrat Bush Did and The Politico notices our Christianist-in-Chief. BTW, the comments to both articles are also worth reading. My take is that when Obama mentions Jesus, the Leftists believe he’s talking about an early socialist reformer like our “new Jesus,” Obama.

Funny Videos: Star Wars and Star Trek as Retold by Other TV Shows


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