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My News Summary, 6/13/2009

My News Summary, 6/13/2009

For the past few months I’ve been collecting and sending to a friend of mine links to articles dealing mostly with Obama’s domestic and foreign policies. Rather than send my friend a dozen emails daily, I’ve decided to collect these links on my website and send him that. Most of what you will find here are links to articles that I find interesting or important with maybe a few words of commentary that I’ll add. The sites I visit most often are Atlas Shrugs, Hot Air, Instapundit, Ace of Spades HQ, JOSHUAPUNDIT, and Wolf Howling. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites, I’ve overall found the analysis there to be good and worth reading, which is why I reference their articles. You can consider what I’m doing as either a personal news summary or my sharing with you my part of a conversation.

Foreign News/Policy

Two interesting articles on Pakistan turning against the terrorist Taliban: Pakistani public turning against Taliban and For Pakistanis, a fight against their own.

While these articles are good news, you can see that more peaceful Muslims are reluctant to fight against those who say they are upholding Islamic law. Whether Pakistanis agree or not with the practical consequences of following Islamic law, they all feel that they belong to the same Islamic community, the Ummah. As both the link to the definition of Ummah and the news articles show, that feeling unites Muslims against non-Muslims. As has also been seen in Iraq among the Sunnis, sometimes a local Muslim population will rise up against the harsh demands of the terrorists, but it’s hard to know if this trend will last.

Germans against Jews, again! You would think that the Germans would be more sensitive, understanding, even embarrassed after Hitler killed 6 million innocent Jews. Nope. German police tore down an Israeli flag to satisfy a pro-Hamas crowd. Note that many of the Muslim demonstrators chanted “kill the Jews,” which shows that this is more than just a political dispute over some territory. It would seem that nothing short of a second Holocaust will satisfy their anti-Jewish hatred of Israel. The organization Hamas, which they’re supporting, has a Charter which calls for the destruction of Israel and the death of the Jews. The Fatah Charter is similar in calling for the destruction of Israel by armed struggle and the forcible expulsion of many of the Jews who live there. (Since the Israelis won’t leave quietly, the Fatah Charter’s threat of force has the same practical effect as shouting “kill the Jews.”) What this is ultimately all about are Muslims wanting to kill Jews and the Europeans joining in.

Netanyahu gives ground on Palestinian statehood. My guess is that Netanyahu doesn’t think Israel is strong enough to directly confront Obama, so he’ll try deflecting him for a while. He might also be expecting that Obama’s domestic policies will eventually run into trouble (who isn’t?), which might make it difficult for Obama to act internationally. Certainly while Obama’s personality popularity is high, it’s going to be difficult for anyone to challenge Obama’s foreign policies. Presidents are usually given a freer hand in foreign than domestic policy. If Obama’s popularity falls, then Republicans, and even some Democrats, will be more willing to challenge his foreign policies.

Can Israel afford to wait? It’s not just that Iran is getting closer to building an atom bomb. I’m wondering if the Muslim world would soon be willing to start a war hoping that the combination of the U.N., Europe, and Obama will pressure Israel into making territorial concessions, even if these concessions were harmful to Israel’s security.

The only reason I’d even consider this scenario to be remotely possible is because of Obama’s politics. His pro-Arab, pro-Muslim sympathies are pretty clear to anyone (who’s not a Liberal) and read his speeches or seen him bowing to the Saudi King. He’s also done things like delayed shipping military equipment to Israel, making Israel temporarily a little more vulnerable and a little more dependent on the U.S., and breaking past agreements with Israel on settlements. I believe that in any Arab-Israeli conflict Obama would do whatever he thought he could get away with to undermine Israel.

Would Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, Syria and Iran join in a war against Israel? Yes, with joy. Iran wouldn’t even mind a war on Israel’s borders now to distract Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear program. Would Saudi Arabia (either through sending troops, supplies, or using oil as a weapon) and Egypt join in? Since the late 1970’s, Egypt and Saudi Arabia prefer stability, keeping things as they are, to giving more militant Muslims added power and prestige. Both these nations have militants in their own country who want to overthrow their governments. Still, a chance to humiliate and cut down Israel would be very tempting. They might join in if they think they can get away with it.

This is all pretty speculative, but I don’t think time is on Israel’s side. With Bush in the White House Israel had a sometimes overactive and pushy friend, who everyone knew would always cover Israel’s back when things got tough. On the other hand, Obama is just waiting for the right moment to backstab Israel, and the Arabs know it.

Domestic News/Policy

Why the Left Ridicules Women (mostly Outspoken Conservative Women). I think the author gets to the problem when he uses the term jerk. While there are many principled Leftists, too many of todays Liberals are a bunch of pampered, self-centered, power mad, egotistical jerks. When I was growing up – no, I’m not 90, although these days I sound just like my father – you couldn’t get away with this stuff. Then even Liberals would have been outraged and would’ve condemned this as indecent. But later we started throwing out moral standards. Now almost anything goes, especially on TV as long as it’s “edgy.” I hope the boycott of Letterman works. Maybe as a society we can pull back from the abyss.

On the hand, why worry? Don’t you know that Michelle Obama once said her husband could heal our souls? BTW, has the butt-kissing, Obama-loving, Leftist MSM reported our Liberal Messiah healing anyone’s soul yet?

This next item falls under the category of putting lipstick on a pig: Should the new GM start with a new name? If you keep the initials GM, I vote for calling it Governmental Moneypit.

Crazy Nancy’s car-sales bonanza! I’ve seen commercials with guys wrecking cars with a sledgehammer as a way to advertise that they’ll pound prices into the ground. I hope Nancy will do a similar one for the new GM (Governmental Moneypit), whose new slogan will be, “We took over GM so that you can drive the finest government designed cars ever built by the USSA (United Socialist States of America).” A large image of Obama’s eyes will fill the screen at the end of the commercial, while you will hear Obama saying: “These are the cars you want to buy, these are the cars you want to buy, these are the cars you want to buy…You must forget the Yugo, forget the Yugo, forget the Yugo …”

Related (Very Funny) Videos: The new Pelosi GTxi from GM and GM Parody Ad. Ford is looking better and better!

Finally, Obama: Let’s Make Cars More Expensive is also a good read. The author believes that Obama is deliberately concealing his real goals in the auto industry while telling people what they want to hear. Some time back I came to the conclusion that’s Obama’s way of dealing with everything.

Morgan Freeman…”Want To End Racism? Stop Talking About It!” If we had to have a black man for POTUS at this point in our history, why couldn’t it have been someone with the sharp intelligence and good character of Morgan Freeman?

A movie for our time. Get this: “A loan officer ordered to evict an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, which turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.” The movie’s title is Drag Me to Hell.

The interesting thing is that this movie was planned before the credit bust. Prophetic? Maybe. No, I won’t see it. After all, can’t the unfortunate old woman get an Obama-approved-government-backed-loan?

The Clintons

Yes, the Clintons deserve their own category. Two articles on the Clintons are worth reading: The Incredible Shrinking Clintons and Hillary Clinton’s Troubling Transformation on Israel.

I’m not surprised that Obama has tried to marginalize the Clintons by giving them limited foreign policy roles, while essentially stripping the Secretary of State of any real power. If you were Obama, after Hillary’s healthcare debacle, would you give her a starring role on domestic policy? Or Bill Clinton with his inability to control himself around attractive women, or even push through substantial domestic spending increases while president? Also, why give the Clintons power and influence which they might use later to make trouble for you? What Obama has done is a fiendishly clever application of the principle “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

What I don’t get is why did the Clintons fall for it? They must have known what Obama was like after the dirty way Obama played in the primaries. If you’ve never heard how much fraud was committed against the Clintons in the Democratic primaries, see We Will Not Be Silenced. The press, except for FOX news (the video of the FOX news report I once saw is no longer available on the web), ignored Hillary’s complaints of cheating and continued to give Obama’s campaign positive coverage, while putting Hillary’s campaign on a death watch.

Then after she ran a strong second, the party leaders pushed her aside. I remember watching the Democratic convention on TV as Hillary, in a show of party unity, and speaking for the entire NY delegation, cast all that delegation votes for Obama. That must have been a personal humiliation for her after the dishonest primary campaign Obama ran.

What did Hillary then hope to achieve by becoming Obama’s Secretary of State? Did she really believe that Obama wanted her opinion after treating her so badly in the primaries? Was Hillary lusting after whatever power she can get? I don’t understand her motives, but I think she’d have been better off staying in the Senate, building a career there. Now she’s Obama’s lapdog. He can take credit for any foreign policy successes, and shift some of the blame to her for failures, like I think his Israeli policy will be. It could be the Clintons aren’t that smart after all.

For the opposite of Hillary in every way, see this interview with Sarah Palin.


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