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It’s Funny Friday, November 14, 2008

Once in a while I do a post that I call “It’s Funny Friday.” It’s a collection of a few videos, cartoons, or pictures that I found during the week to be amusing or interesting. Maybe I’ll add a comment, or maybe not. I make no claim of originality. I’m just having some fun posting things I like, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

When I heard that Obama won the election, my first thought was:

From No Quarter

Then I heard that many young Obama supporters are having a hard time adjusting, as shown in the video below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.From Conservatism Today, posted with Vodpod

The best advice to give the depressed college kids is to listen to OldGrumpyGuy’s Clones and Cliches, not that they’ll ever take it. After all, as they keep telling the rest of us, they know best.

From No Quarter

Whatever the college crowd feels, Obama’s poorer supporters are overjoyed, and still expect him to take from the “rich” — which will be defined as anyone who can pay taxes — to give to them. As shown below, they see Obama as their economic savior.

Obama as “Robbing Hood” Image by Scott Warner via American Thinker

Of course, as shown in the next two cartoons, Obama has been warned his economic plans won’t work. Note: the hammer and sickle is a symbol of communism.

The Right ToolsCartoon by Erin Bonsteel via American Thinker

Here’s a famous quote from Winston Churchill:Cartoon by David Heisch via American Thinker

Unfortunately, Obama won’t listen. His policies and the advice from his top supporters are summed up in the next cartoon about the new Obama Action Figures.

Obama and His Sidekick Action Figures (Click on the picture for a larger image.)Cartoon by Erin Bonsteel via American Thinker

What will America look like under Obama? How about the hammer and sickle, and the red star (symbols of communism) over the remains of the American flag with the Obama O ruling over it all.

From Dave the Marine at Blog Talk Radio

That’s much too depressing! The humorous version of what America look will like under Obama is shown directly below. We’re off to see the Wizard of Id (by way of on a tip from Moonbattery):

Some Obama supporters have given up the worship of God, so they’re willing to worship the idol of Obama. The picture below is what any U.S. city’s skyline may look like during the “Age of Obama.”

The Obama Messiah Effect via No Quarter

What will Washington look like in the Obamatopia (Obama’s Utopia)?

Many Obama supporters will be happy to march with Comrade Obama into Washington, D.C. in January. Note the similarity of the outfit to the brownshirts. If you think that’s an exaggeration, have you heard about Obama’s Civilian National Security Force? At best this is Obama’s old community organizing on steroids, and at worst it’s Obama’s attempt to force Leftist indoctrination on young people — like he did when he was the head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and build a private army.

Marching into Comrade Obama’s Socialist Future from Moonbattery

First, I expect Obama’s Inauguration to look like the cartoon below.

Old Habits Die HardCartoon by Sean Sullivan via American Thinker

Then Obama’s Inaugural Celebration (from No Quarter)

Please join us for this historical Inaugural Celebration for President Barrack Hussein Obama. It will be a day of great events for all!

8:15 AM – Reverend Wright delivers the God Damn America sermon on the White House Lawn

8:45 AM – Billy Ayers steps on and burns the American Flag

9:30 AM – Professor Rashid Khaldi panel discussion on why Israel should be blown off the planet

10:30 AM – Khalid Al Monsour discusses financing radical Islamic Extremist Youth scholarships to Harvard

11:30 AM – Tony Rezko live via sattelite from Joliette Federal Prison “How to make a killing as a Slumlord”

12:30 PM – Lunch with distinguished Anti-America Father Pfleger saying grace

2:30 PM – Michelle Obama discusses how to buy earrings for $600 or less

3:30 PM – Senator Hillary Clinton discusses why women will never be part of politics in a sexist, Obama Presidency

4:30 PM – Senator Bill Clinton discusses why his wife would have been a better President

5:30 PM – FCC Head Kieth Olbermann discusses how to cheat America out of truth in journalism

6:30 PM – Chris Matthews discusses gays in America and how much relief it is to come out of the closet

7:30 PM – Dinner discussion – How much of a moron is Sarah Palin anyway?

8:00 PM – Muslim call to prayer

8:30 PM – Dinner and dancing with Ludacris singing about what a bitch Hillary is and how Senator McCain deserves to be paralyzed in a wheelchair.

Midnight – Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez drink champagne toast to their brother in communism Comrade Obama. Burning of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and fireworks display. Long live the US of Hussein!

Now that the election is over William Ayers is finally admitting that Obama and “I are family friends,” and yes, those are his words. Obama and Ayres still downplay how Ayres mentored or sponsored Obama’s early career (see for example here, here, the last two paragraphs in Part II and the references in Part III of Obama’s Chicago Way). So is the next cartoon Ayers’ and Obama’s plan?

Cartoon from via American Thinker

The answer to my question is no, or at least not physically. Ayers purpose wasn’t terrorism for the sake of terrorism — although he did enjoy terrorism — but rather terrorism as a way to start a far Left revolution. Now that his protégé is in the White House with a Democratic Congress solidly behind him, violence might not be necessary. Threats by Obama supporters against opponents to Obama’s policies is an easier and very effective tactic. Only if Obama pushes too hard to the Left and meets peaceful resistance, will there be a need for violence against Obama opponents. My fear for our country is that underneath the mask– which is all that Obama has so far shown us — the real Barack Obama is the guy in the next picture.

The Real Obama?From Michelle Malkin

My final thought is very well expressed by the bumper sticker below.

Palin_Keep_The_Change.jpgOn a tip from Hoosier Army Mom found at Moonbattery.
These bumper stickers are available at the Patriot Depot.



  1. I still think Paris Hilton would do a better job as president.

  2. I’ll take Paris Hilton over Obama, but I won’t have Nichole Richie as VP. How about a Hilton/Palin ticket?

  3. Nice blog… thanks for giving me a great giggle! You can purchase that bumper sticker along with the “Liberals Gone Wild” 2009 Calendar too! 🙂 I intend to get one myself! Sarah is my new role model and Conservative Hero! What a woman!
    I’m adding you to my blogroll!

    Respects, JD aka HoosierArmyMom

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