Posted by: smithy | October 24, 2008

It’s Funny Friday, American Gothic Edition

As I wrote last week, I’ve decided to once in a while do a post that I’ll call “It’s Funny Friday.” This’ll be a collection of a few videos, cartoons, or pictures that I found during the week to be amusing or interesting but not too heavy. Maybe I’ll add a comment, or maybe not. I make no claim of originality. I’m just having some fun posting things I like, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Studs for Sarah PalinWho knew a mother of five “cuda” be so appealing? How do I join the fan club?

Just as there’s a fan club for Sarah Palin, there’s also a fan club for Joe The Plumber. I even know of one conservative woman — yes, it’s you Danger Girl — who claims to have kidnapped Joe and tied him down in her boudoir. Does anyone know if Joe’s been reported missing?

From Joi the Artist. More of Joi’s work can be found here.

Obama, of course, has a much different set of friends, sponsors, and fan club.

Obama reuniting with his old mentor, Yorick, formerly our
nation’s top teacher of Deceptive, Marxist and Racist Theology.
From Joi the Artist. More of Joi’s work can be found here.

Let’s take a temporary break from the campaign and discuss Social Security. From Michael Ramirez comes the best single cartoon I’ve ever seen on why we’ll have a problem with Social Security in the future.

Social Security is just too serious and important for our nation to manage anytime within the next 100 years — the more important the issue, the less effective is Congress– so let’s go back to frolicking with Joe and Obama. The picture below perfectly captures the spirit of Barack Obama “Palin around” with Joe the Plumber. From Hold The Mayo by way of Bring me the head of Joe the Plumber:

From the cartoonist Batton Lash via Jim Treacher’s site comes the next cartoon. Note: If you post this cartoon, please link to Batton’s site,

What happens when any Joe speaks out against “The One”?

The next two cartoons illustrate how the Left is acting emotionally and hypocritically when they try to brainwash us with their ideas of Leftist moral superiority.

Our country has entered “The Easter Island Zone.”
(Please play
in your mind that great old theme from The Twilight Zone.)By Michael Ramirez

The next cartoon also applies to Iraq and many other things that upset delicate Leftist moral sensibilities.

After 4 years of President Obama, Bush’s 8 years in office will be seen as the “good old” days. Here’s why (start at the lower left-hand corner):

From 4-Block World

From 4-Block World

After Colin Powell threw McCain to the wolves by endorsing Obama, I thought hard about the next two cartoons.

From 4-Block World

From Cagle Post

Now when I hear of communist propaganda, intimidation, and rigged elections, I don’t think of Cuba, Vietnam, or even North Korea anymore. My first thought is ACORN! Here’s a cartoon by Michael Ramirez that reflects today’s reality.

And a more humorous version of what ACORN does.

From 4-Block World

While Washington tries to “fix” our nation’s financial problems with more borrowing and spending, we must try parody to keep our sanity.

Copyright 2008 O’Farrell from Cagle Post

If your 401(k) is worth more than $20.00, click on the picture to buy the shirt.

It’s from the next cartoon that I got the idea to call this post the American Gothic Edition of It’s Funny Friday. O.K., it’s not the greatest idea I ever had, but at least you don’t have to cash in your 401(k) to read my site.

Guest Commentary:

Jackie Mason via the Dry Bones Blog

More from comic Jackie Mason, who was a Rabbi for 3 years.

You can find even more Jackie Mason on YouTube. Returning for his second appearance on It’s Funny Friday — he was on last week’s edition — is the highly intelligent and very thoughtful Zo. He has more YouTube videos here.

The most insightful comment I’ve seen in a while still comes from Varifrank:

Im having second thoughts

Not about Palin, but I am having second thoughts about this election. I used to think it was just important, but now I think its more like:

“Vote for McCain, before its too late”

In regards to Palin, I want you all to remember that they aren’t laughing at her, they are laughing at you. McCain and Palin are nothing but proxies for the left to take out their rage at you for all that you have done to them (specifically not letting them have the power they so richly deserve). They really don’t understand you, so what makes you think they are going to understand McCain or Palin?

How dare you even consider the idea that you can rule yourself, peasant…

These people don’t just want to run the government, they want to run your life (ed: yeah, right inta da ground too…)

Vote Republican in 2008
Sarah Palin For President in 2012


  1. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that Joe The Plumber has been flushing my pipes for the past two weeks 😉

    Oh who am I kidding!! Joe the Plumber is getting mavericky with me 🙂

    Naughty Secret: Joe the Plumber taken a rotorooter to my patooter *wink*

  2. DG, I hope you, Joe and his rotorooter are all very happy together. Seriously, I respect you DG. You’re a good sport with a great sense of humor.

    Obama and McCain in gothic gear.

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