Posted by: smithy | October 17, 2008

It’s Funny Friday, 10/17/2008

I’ve decided to once in a while do a post that I’ll call “It’s Funny Friday.” This’ll simply be a collection of a few videos, cartoons or pictures that I found amusing during the week. Maybe I’ll add a comment, or maybe not. I make no claim of originality. I’m just having some fun posting things I like, and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Sarah Palin having fun with Tina Fey’s impersonation of her by writing on a camera, “I’m not Tina Fey.” The picture is via Fausta and originally from The BBC.

The cartoons below are by Michael Ramirez from Investor’s Bussiness Daily.

Obama finally comes clean with Joe, the plumber.

If you’ve been watching the wild ride of the stock market, no explanation is needed.

Do you think Congress knows what it’s doing?

Do you think Obama knows what he’s doing?

What America thinks of Congress.

Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

The Final Insult

The last cartoon came by way of Fausta. The next video comes by way of NO QUARTER and originally from The Nose On Your Face; it deals with the Democratic protection of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from increased regulation, which helped create the current housing crisis.

Cuckoo’s Nest II: The Housing Crisis Denial Sessions

Guest Commentary:

This video doesn’t really belong in “It’s Funny Friday,” but I decided to include him anyway because he’s so thoughtful, articulate, and interesting. I hope he runs for office someday. He’s a one-person conservative answer to Obama and the Democratic Party. Video is via Fausta by way of Baldilocks, ‘Zo’s latest:

Update: Hot Air has just received video of a McCain/Obama practice session before the last debate. Obama wore a top hat, monacle, and carried a long cigaret holder to emphasize that he’s the new FDR who will bring America a New New Deal. John McCain wore the uniform of a crimefighter to emphasize his long years of service both in the military and fighting Washington corruption. Obama called for a “new politics” without mudslinging — “unless, of course, my opponent slings it” — and also stressed his respect for our fighting men by associating himself with the police. He claimed that McCain was trying to conceal his associations and agreement with criminals — Congressional Republicans and members of the Bush administration — which were the real issues in this election. McCain started to hit back at Obama by “pointing out some inconsistencies in both the logic and substance” of Obama’s remarks when members of ACORN rushed in to steal the debate. See it all for yourself in the video below.

2nd (and last) Update: See Ace of Spades for the full story on “I am Joe the Plumber.”

From Atlas Shrugs and JOSHUAPUNDIT comes the far Left’s answer to America’s Joes:


  1. Here’s one- Eddie the Dead Voter has started a new blog- The League of Dead Voters– Its funny and Dead Serious at the same time…

  2. Thanks Yacov. BTW, I like your blog at Breath of The Beast.

  3. Thanks, Smithy- glad we spotted each other-

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