Posted by: smithy | September 16, 2008

My Prediction for the Biden/Palin VP Debate in October

The Outcome of the VP Debate:
Senator Joseph “the Moose” Biden vs. Governor Sarah Palin

Note: This image is from Gary Kamiya’s article, The Dominatrix, on the left wing site Instead of trying to advance the cause of “sexual freedom” by taking the usual “progressive” pro-dominatrix, pro-bondage position, Gary Kamiya used his entire article to attack Sarah Palin and the Americans who support McCain/Palin. I did, however, very much enjoy his “Moose ex Machina” comment. Yes, I’m sure that Sarah Palin will be bagging Democratic Moose in this election.

Imagine how angry all this makes the far Left. Just when they thought it was all over — Obama was even reported several months ago to have told his campaign staff to start planning for his transition to the White House — that old Navy fighter pilot John McCain sends a flying missile up the collective rear end of the Obama campaign, the DNC, the MSM, and Leftists everywhere.

Leftists are still in shock, and believe that Americans are “bigoted” and “crazy” for wanting John McCain and Sarah Palin — a smart, tough, lovely, happily married, religious and normal American woman, who beat a corrupt political machine while raising a family — to represent them. What will those “foolish” Americans do next to disappoint the far Left? I’m voting for McCain/Palin and have confidence they’ll win in November. That’s the hope and change I want and can believe in.

Vote Republican in 2008
Sarah Palin For President in 2012

Update: After reading this post at Joshuapundit, Biden To Leave The Ticket??, it occured to me that if Obama doesn’t improve in the polls and Biden does poorly in the VP debate (Biden has a long history of putting his foot in his mouth, liking it there, and never learning from his mistakes), Biden might be forced off the ticket by Obama. If Obama then promises Hillary enough power to make her a copresident, Hillary might accept the VP spot both for the power and to stop the rise of Sarah Palin (otherwise Sarah might run for president after being VP for four or eight years, or worse become President Palin if McCain’s health fails). We could have a really wild October. There’s no doubt that this race is both historic and unpredictable. Anything could happen between now and the election.


  1. “Just when they thought it was all over — Obama was even reported several months ago to have told his campaign staff to start planning for his transition to the White House —”

    Reminds me of “Father” Looney-Tunes Pfleger’s burlesque act about Shrillery. “It belongs to me because I’m WHITE !!!!”

    Now it’s O’Barry drooling about “It belongs to me because I was the Chosen One. Will no one rid me of this turbulent Palin?????”

  2. Ziggy, I like your comment, and I agree 100% with you. A similar idea can be found by clicking on Inside The DNC War Room. It’s really funny, check it out. Have a good evening!

  3. TYTYTYTYTY, smithy. Just wandered over here from Joshua’s site but I’ll be back. I like your take on it !!

    Be well

  4. I imagine Palin will be reciting the words she has been programmed to say during the debates (no interviews) as Biden effortlessly makes her look like a buffoon 🙂

    Obama 08.

  5. An imagination is a WONDERFUL thing.

    Once Biden has had his shot (whichever way it goes in the debates), gonna be Tom Eagleton time to make room for Hillary who should have been the choice from the get-go. That happens , it should be fun IF they win, watching “swordsman” Billy Jeff wandering around DC without even a nominal function. Hilarity to ensue.

    Let’s not forget when discussions come up about how SUPERBLY Joe Bidet is qualified to take over as POTUS (just in case) that he has been routinely dismissed a a Presidential candidate by his OWN party every time he has engaged in the exercises in futility that his campaigns have become.

    He is a fool and a gasbag……..

    It’s patriotic to want to be taxed more??? Does this ring a bell??

    Noting that wealthier Americans would indeed pay more, Biden said: “It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.”

    My Irish ASS!!!!

    This is how much the gasbag “jump(s) in” and ‘help(s)”:

    “Sen. Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, have given an average of $369 per year to charities during the past decade, according to tax returns posted today to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign Web site.
    Senator Biden, the Democratic nominee for vice president, claimed $995 in charitable gifts in 2007 on the joint return with his wife. That figure is 0.3 percent of the couple’s claimed income of nearly $320,000.

    The 2007 contributions were significantly higher than the couple’s gifts in previous years, which ranged from $120 to $380.”

    I tells ya’, it just about ruins my faith in human nature ……. Why, it’s almost like he wants to be generous with OTHER people’s money!!!!

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED !!!!(Here are your winnings, Inspector)

  6. The debate is going to be a bloodbath. Palin does not have a solid understanding of domestic, economic, and foreign policy. Please, during this debate, spare me of moralistic debates such as abortion. As someone else commented before me, Palin has been programmed by the McCain camp. During the few catastrophic interviews she recently had, Palin has dodged nearly every question with one liners such as “we need to shore up the economy”. Check out Katie Courics interview with her and count how many times she says “we need to shore up the economy”. She doesn’t know how to “shore up the economy” but it sure does sound good!! Also, take a minute of your time to watch her interview with Charlie Gibson. She had no idea what the Bush Doctrine was, and that, my right-winged friends, is simply terrifying. Since the interviews she has virtually dissapeared from the media’s sight, as McCain doesn’t need anymore damage done to his campaign. I’m not saying I support Obama either, but with the choosing Palin as VP, the democratic ticket just got sweeter.

  7. I am wondering if any of you Palin supporters have watched the interview with Katie Couric. Enough said. At first I hated her, now I just feel sorry for her.

  8. I do appreciate it when someone takes the time to leave a comment, but you need to do better than use Democratic Party talking points or stuff from Kos and/or HuffPost. Krauthammer, who first used the term Bush Doctrine, points out that many policies have been called the Bush Doctrine over the years, click here. Gibson was playing gotcha journalism. As to Couric, in the only part of the interview that I saw, Couric was trying to make Sarah say something she didn’t want to say. Anyway, her opponent in the VP debate will be Joe Biden, who has a strong tendency to say foolish things, not Couric or Gibson playing journalistic games.

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