Posted by: smithy | September 10, 2008

The New Adventures of Sarah Palin (9/10/08; Revised 10/17/08)

The following is a sometimes humorous tribute to a great American lady, Sarah Palin. Under no circumstances should anything in this post be considered as a criticism. Let me be absolutely clear: I’d be willing to go on a steady diet of raw Mooseburger for Sarah Palin. What a woman!!!! (Hey, I’ve never given a rating of four exclamation points before.)

Jim Lynch at bRight & Early wants Sarah Palin to save Jack Bauer in
Season 7. Sarah Palin’s work — in serving our country — is never done.

Reformer: The Mother Of All Change
From Al. C by way of Moonbattery

Terminator: The Sarah Palin Chronicles
Democrats watch out!!!!! She won’t stop until you’re terminated.

Interlude: The Team You Can Trust

The Riflewoman
Sorry Chuck, Sarah gets top billing since she’s a better shot.

How many mothers of five are turned into Laura Croft action figures?
Will Angelina Jolie play Sarah Palin in the movie about Sarah’s life?

Musical Interlude: Melinda Doolittle – I’m A Woman

Interlude: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Thanks the Troops

Sarah also has a new VP action figure.

In January Sarah and her action figures will move into a new home.

Vote Republican in 2008
Sarah Palin For President in 2012

Update: I Am Sarah Palin
Because of continued sexist attacks by the Left on Sarah
a group of conservative women made the following video:

2nd Update (10/17/2008): Obama vs. Sarah Palin:

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