Posted by: smithy | September 9, 2008

Which Presidential Team — Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin — is Better?

Picture from September 15 Cover of Weekly Standard

Picture from Gateway Pundit

Picture from Michelle Malkin

Obama turned the promises of “hope” and meaningful “change” into…
Joe Biden!! Is Joe Biden really the VP that America has been waiting for?
Cartoon from Lost Nation Tv

Let’s take a moment for prayer and praise of a higher power:

A comparison of Sarah, a 21st century American woman, and a phony Obama:

Jim Lynch at bRight & Early did the following comparison between Sarah Palin,
who respects human life, and Barack Obama, who only cares about getting elected:

The bottom of the Republican ticket is better than the entire Democratic ticket!!

Vote Republican in 2008
Sarah Palin For President in 2012

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