Posted by: smithy | September 5, 2008

Why the Mainstream Media (MSM) Will Always Be Too Hard on Sarah Palin

Photo: Texas Rainmaker by way of Atlas Shrugs.

To understand why the MSM applies an easy standard to Obama and a harsher standard to Sarah Palin (for a comparison of Palin’s and Obama’s record click here or here), let’s look into the mind of a progressive (a modern Liberal). To make it really easy, let’s take a “hardcore” progressive. Just about all people who call themselves progressives have at least a few of these beliefs, but a “hardcore” progressive has them all.

Warning! Political rant approaching. Warning!
Danger! Political rant coming up fast. Danger!

Who cares who this Palin woman is? All we need to know is that she’s not just a conservative but also a Conservative Christian, a Fundie. The Fundies are all crazy? Right? Pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye. Besides, they make such easy targets with their turning the other cheek and all that other Bible stuff. Hey, a progressive can never be too hard on Fundies, because they’re all subhuman anyway like Hitler. Fundies are the real reason why we still have war, poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, hypocrisy, greed and global warming. We need a stronger and more progressive government with much tougher affirmative action and hate speech laws just to suppress the Fundies.

The Fundies really make me mad: It’s all their fault, and I do mean all of it. They’re even the enemy that’s holding back the One from healing and repairing our world, preventing the Obamatopia (Obama’s Utopia). I’ve read that some of them also think the One is some kind of devil. What morons!!! If we could get away with burning Bibles and Fundies in the street, we would. But we can’t be that obvious, not yet anyway. When we take power we’ll either tax the Fundies to death, pass new hate speech laws to shut them up, or find some other way to put them and their kids in jail. After this election, the Fundies will finally be silenced. All the real progressives — from (Daily) Kos to the Universities to the MSM and everything in between — are solidly united behind the One and Delaware Joe, who as president and vice-president will, once and for all, finish off the Fundies for us.

Warning! Political rant receding. Warning!
Political rant ending. Political rant finished.

If you’re a moderate or conservative, you might be asking yourself: “Why does the Left have all this anger, hatred and fear of conservatives? Why blame all the problems of the world on conservatives?” (If you don’t believe that this is what’s going on, read Huffington Post or Daily Kos for a while, then watch the MSM take the slow road to get to the same place.) Certainly conservatives have made many mistakes while in power and are actively blocking the Leftist agenda, but it goes much deeper than the Left playing hardball to win the presidency or to get a few more government programs they believe in. Many on the Left no longer believe in an objective moral standard and personal responsibility, rather they believe in a collective responsibility (blame bad behavior on poverty and society) and moral relativism (Don’t tell me how to live my life: what works for you, doesn’t for me.) This clash of different value systems has been called the culture war. It really is a direct assault by the hard Left and their allies — those who sympathize but find the hard Left too harsh, fellow travelers — on the basic values that conservatives call Biblical or Judeo-Christian morality. (If you want to know who started this, just remember that traditional people have stayed traditional. The hard Left, on the other hand, actively attempts to change society anyway it can, while slandering conservatives with the labels: hypocrites, sexist, racist… ) Those who represent Judeo-Christian values in public will always be unfairly attacked by the hard Left as a way of discrediting them and what they believe in, and so remove roadblocks to the furthering of the Leftist political, social, and ethical agenda. Since most of the MSM strongly lean toward the “progressives,” the MSM — unless afraid of a public backlash — will always be harsher on a Conservative Christian like Palin than a progressive fraud like Obama (who went to a racist church for twenty years). In other words, while loudly proclaiming their objectivity, MSM journalists are actively participating in the political process for president and in the culture war on the side of the hard Left. (If the behavior of the MSM is upsetting to you, please read my Aug. 19 post after you’ve finished this one, which you can find below, or by clicking on send the mainstream media a pair of walnuts.)

Those on the Left who do manage to keep a more traditional morality tend to be more moderate socially and friendlier to conservatives. They tend to see the role of big government as dealing more with bread and butter issues — such as helping people who have difficulty helping themselves because they’re old or sick — instead of the goal of transforming society. These older-style Liberals look more like F.D.R., Truman or J.F.K. rather than guerilla fighters who are about to take the capitol city of a nation, and then institute radical economic and social reforms that even their supporters don’t really understand the consequences of (see Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung or Obama). It’s no accident that Joe Lieberman, the most prominent older-style Liberal that I’m aware of, is a religious Jew, who — while calling himself an Independent Democrat — is often fighting with the Democratic Party and, in this election, supports John McCain for president.

Note: I recently came across a very interesting (but very, very long) article titled: The Psychology Underlying “Liberalism.” The author, John J. Ray, argues “…that most (but not all) Leftists/liberals are motivated by strong ego needs — needs for power, attention, praise and fame. And in the USA and other developed countries they satisfy this need by advocating large changes in the society around them — thus drawing attention to themselves and hopefully causing themselves to be seen as wise, innovative, caring etc. Rightists by contrast have no need either for change or its opposite and may oppose change if they see it as destructive or favour change if they see it as constructive.” This article, as well as other articles, written by John J. Ray are worth reading if you can find the time. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but who would’ve ever expected that modern Liberals (hard Left), and especially their leaders, have strong ego needs for attention and praise that can only be satisfied by being in the position to bring about revolutionary change? (In order to satisfy the hard Left, should we change the meaning of U.S.A. to Utopian States of America?) And that the prospect of achieving this kind of radical change would give modern Liberals “hope”? Or that the end result of this kind of socialist change is poverty and oppression? Do we really need to drink the modern Liberal’s Kool-Aid?

I also recently came across the video below titled: How Modern Liberals Think. Although it’s about 48 minutes, it’s worth watching. The speaker, Evan Sayet, talks about the experiences he had that convinced him that Hollywood Liberals hate America and will always come to the wrong moral conclusions. He then discusses how the worst bigotry comes from those who won’t use rational thought to make any moral distinctions (he calls it discriminations). While I don’t agree with all his examples (even people who share the same basic morality disagree sometimes), I do believe that modern Liberals are intolerant (when not hiding their real — politically correct — opinions from the public; think about who used the words “bitter” and “cling to” in a private meeting), hate the values that have made this country successful, will attack anyway they can those who disagree with moral relativism, and want both socialism and pacifism for our country. We live in a very dangerous world with many enemies: socialism will weaken us, while pacifism will allow others to kill us. It’s national suicide to put both the POTUS and Congress in the hands of modern Liberals because there’ll be no checks or balances on their ability to damage our country.

Vote Republican in 2008
Sarah Palin For President in 2012

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