Posted by: smithy | August 27, 2008

Obama Ready To Declare Godhood

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s big speech on Thursday night will be delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple (click here). Worth reading on all this is Ed Morrissey’s “Obama’s temple for the Cult of Personality; The father of American democracy?” (click here).

In my previous post, I said that Obama’s ego was “...960 trillion trillion times the size of an average American ego.” Now that Obama is acting like a Roman emperor — even before he’s been elected POTUS — I believe that my methods seriously underestimated the size of his ego. His ego may simply be too big for us to measure after all.

Note: So far the MSM has been ignoring Obama’s egomania. With Obama acting this bizarrely, I can’t imagine that even the fawning MSM can keep looking the other way forever. Still, now would be a good time to encourage the MSM by sending them some walnuts (see my August 19th post).

Vote Republican in 2008
Save Our Country From Runaway Messianic Delusional Syndrome

Update: Obama really surprised me with his speech. While the setting was more suitable for a rock concert, the actual speech didn’t show the egotism I was expecting. What was odd was that Obama abandoned the style that worked so well for him in the primaries to give a more typical Democratic attack speech on a Republican candidate. Two reasons I can think of for him doing this: (1) The old campaign style had stopped working for Obama as the public tired of his slogans and grandiose behavior, and (2) he needs to build his appeal to centrist voters to stop his slipping in the polls. Looking back, starting with the pick of Joe Biden for V.P., Obama has been running a more traditional campaign to keep centrist voters. This definitely shows that he’s listening to the public moods and changing his campaign accordingly. Once he’s more confident of the support of centrist voters, he may try bringing in more of the emotional appeals — the outsider just promising hope and change — that worked so well in the Democratic primaries.

As to the details of his speech, he was making lots of specific promises, then trying to reassure voters he’s a responsible and trustworthy guy by stressing some Republican ideas: tax cuts for the middle class, people are responsible for some of their own behavior, and carefully watching spending to eliminate waste. At least to me, it wasn’t very convincing. It just looked like a way to have your cake and eat it too. I don’t think it helped him build support among centrist voters either because it wasn’t a consistent message. Only time will tell if he can sell that combination to the public.

The only other item worth mentioning was Obama’s attack on John McCain as close to George Bush and someone out of touch with America. This is a variation of the idea that Bush, who has frequently been out of touch, is the same as McCain. This smacks to me a little bit of desperation on the part of Obama. While it may be somewhat effective, John McCain is no George Bush. How he’ll prove his independence remains to be seen, but McCain is his own man and a fighter.

Overall, I’m not convinced that Obama made any progress, but I don’t think he hurt himself either. Unless something unexpected happens, it looks to me like the presidential debates will decide who gets the presidency.

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