Posted by: smithy | August 22, 2008

The Obama-Messiah Ego Meter

Even though the MSM (mainstream media) continues to downplay it, there’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere about Obama’s Superman-sized ego (click Obama’s egomania). It would help our national debate if we knew how to measure the size of Obama’s ego. The challenge is that Obama’s ego is just too big to be measured by any known method. I’ve discovered a way to do it by comparing the size of Obama’s ego to the size of our National Debt. I’ll only give a summary of my results here. A complete paper explaining all the methods I’ve used and all my results will soon be published in the Journal of Super Super Stupendously Large Numbers.

The mathematical relationship between the size of Obama’s ego and the National Debt is as follows: As a number (ignore the dollar sign), the size of Obama’s ego equals 100 trillion multiplied by the size of our National Debt. It turns out that this relationship doesn’t depend on time. So the size of Obama’s ego is today 100 trillion multiplied by the size of our National Debt, and far into the future, Obama’s ego will continue to grow a 100 trillion times as fast as our National Debt. The number that represents Obama’s ego shows how many times larger Obama’s ego is compared to that of an average American. Right now with the National Debt at around 9.6 trillion dollars (click here), Obama’s ego is now a hundred trillion multiplied by about 9.6 trillion or 960 trillion trillion times the size of an average American ego. Even for a Washington politician or, even worse, an American presidential candidate, that’s a Superman-sized ego!! It’s amazing his head doesn’t explode, especially when he admires himself in a mirror.

If Obama becomes president, the National Debt will grow even faster as Obama deliberately inflates his ego with more government spending that we can’t afford to pay for (to get an idea of Obama’s policies and tendencies click here). My belief is that President Obama-Messiah will be so delusional that he’ll see a runaway National Debt as the path to Total Godhood on Earth. Unfortunately for us, his Runaway Messianic Delusional Syndrome (RMDS) will bankrupt our country. If he gets elected, our best hope is that some brilliant Republican scientists will discover a cure for RMDS, or, at the very least, find a way to slow down the growth of President Obama-Messiah’s ego. Otherwise, we’ll all have to move to Canada.

Note: Only Republican scientists are currently working on RMDS, while all Democratic scientists are continuing to work either on Global Warming or reducing Al Gore’s and John Edwards’ carbon footprint (click here and here).

To get your own Obama-Messiah Ego Meter go to zfacts and download a National Debt Clock, which will give you a real time update on the growth of our National Debt. Then ignore the dollar sign and remember to multiply by 100 trillion when converting our National Debt to an Obama-Messiah Ego Meter.

Please notice that even without Obama-Messiah our National Debt is out of control and growing rapidly. Unfortunately, President Bush, some Republicans, and most Congressional Democrats show some of the symptoms of RMDS. While RMDS is a disease that’s not well understood, there’s a concern among scientists that RMDS may be spread by casual contact. Most of Washington, D.C. already appears to be infected with some form of RMDS. While there is currently no known treatment, some have suggested that impeachment, removal from office, quarantine in a federal penitentiary, or even extreme humiliation for Washington politicians before the entire country would help ease our national symptoms of RMDS.

BTW, if anyone is not convinced that Obama-Messiah suffers from an unusually strong case of RMDS, which means that he’ll only make our nation’s problems worse, please watch this, this, and this.

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