Posted by: smithy | August 19, 2008

Send The Mainstream Media A Pair Of Walnuts

It’s now widely recognized that the mainstream media (MSM) have given Obama easy coverage because many in the MSM want Obama to become our next president. This became so clear that Saturday Night Live did a now well-known skit comparing fawning (bootlicking) treatment of Obama with much tougher coverage of Hillary Clinton at a presidential debate (click here). The MSM’s superficial and positive coverage of Obama has continued, even as there are a growing number of examples of Obama’s egotistical behavior (just go to your favorite search engine and look at the results for Obama’s ego). A few people, Jesse Jackson being the most obvious, have been reported in the MSM as being angered by some of Obama’s behavior (Jackson was overheard complaining that Obama was “talking down to black people”). Jackson is also reported to have wanted to “cut off Obama’s nuts,” meanwhile the Lapdog MSM continue to compete for the honor of licking them.

As a protest to the MSM consider sending to your favorite MSM Lapdog a pair of Walnuts (see above). Clinton supporters (PUMA people) might want to send in two pairs of Walnuts: one pair for the MSM treatment of Hillary Clinton, and the other pair for the MSM treatment of Bill Clinton during this campaign. It’s past time to hold the MSM accountable.

Note: Since I’m a conservative and generally a quiet person, I usually don’t find myself agreeing with Jesse Jackson, suggesting protests, and, what’s really hard for me to do, defend Bill and Hillary Clinton. However, the MSM coddling of Obama’s supersized ego is driving me nuts! Jesse Jackson was right when he said that Obama was “talking down to black people.” I believe Obama looks down on all of us, not just poor African Americans, from the Heavenly Heights where the Messiah, Obama lives his life. But just as bad, if not worse, than Obama’s supersized ego is the egotism of the MSM. If no one protests the MSM trying to pick our leaders for us, what will happen to our country and our democracy? Must we sit back and say nothing, while the MSM continue to play favorites and ignore the obvious?

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