Posted by: smithy | August 18, 2008

My Political Journey Started…

…when I was born into a family of Democrats. This was still the old Democratic Party: the party of F.D.R., Truman, J.F.K., and even L.B.J. before he lost his way. Funny how so many of these guys were known by their initials. Back then the domestic policy of the old Democratic Party was accountable government and expanding opportunities for common people. I grew up thinking that the Republican Party was the Country Club Party, the party of rich snobs. I was barely a teenager when I remember reading that the more education a person had the likelier they were to vote Republican (I don’t know if this is still true). This seemed to me the opposite of what any thinking person should do. Can’t people with a higher education see that Democratic policies are better for the people? Why let the rich snobs run everything? Again, I’m talking about the old Democratic Party which defined itself in terms of class differences and helping those in need.

Then, as I got a little older, I saw the Democratic Party turning its back on the values of the common man. They embraced radical social causes in the name of “civil rights” or improving society. Don’t get me wrong, African Americans were not being treated with the respect and dignity that they deserved as American citizens or even as human beings. The real Civil Rights Movement was absolutely necessary. But other groups saw the success of the Civil Rights Movement and adopted its tactics. They thought they could force their policies on American society and gain legitimacy for themselves through the courts and special interest legislation. These groups, which now form the activist base of the Democratic party, have an almost open contempt for religion and the thoughts of ordinary people. They would joyfully burn Bibles and conservatives in the streets if they could get away with it. This has permanently alienated a lot of people, including me, from the Democratic Party.

Just as bad are the economic policies of modern Democrats. Where once the Democrats wanted everyone to be more productive — remember J.F.K.’s story about teaching people to fish — now they want the American people permanently dependent on Big Government, which, of course, only the Democrats are wise enough to manage. The ideas of freedom, individual achievement, and personal responsibility will be replaced by the Democrats with a collective, socialistic ethic. Soon it will “take a village” run by Washington Democrats in order for anything to be accomplished. Don’t be fooled, liberalism — if they even have the guts to call themselves liberals and not hide behind the vague word “progressive”– has become the slow road to Socialism. With modern Democrats every problem requires a Big Government fix, which means more spending, more government control, and more taxes. Every failure of a Big Government fix, which is much of the time, requires another Big Government fix. It’ll only end when the Democrats collapse our economy, then demand total control over everything. It’s not a question of if the Democrats want to take us to Socialism, with modern Democrats, it’s only when.

As for foreign policy, the first words that come to my mind when I look at today’s Democrats are: weak, naive, dangerous, pacifist, defeatist, and appeasers. The Republicans frequently do stupid things, especially under George Bush, but the Democrats are incapable of standing up and defending our country in a sometimes hostile world. It’s very simple: No matter how hard you try and fake it, you can’t defend what you don’t believe in. You can’t defend our country or the values and traditions that have made our country strong (freedom, individual achievement, personal responsibility, financial responsibility, patriotism, strong families, religious faith, and even gun ownership) if all you believe in is Pacifist Socialism. If you mindlessly hate guns and gun owners, then you’ll hate and neglect our military, which is the institution that protects our country with guns. Our nation will continue to face military threats — and if the Democrats have their way — we won’t have a military strong enough to protect us, nor would we use our military even if, by some miracle, we could.

You might be thinking that maybe we should rely more on our allies helping us with troops and weapons. Some of our allies are too small and weak to help us very much, while the rest are even more pacifist and socialist than our own Democrats. Most of our “allies” are depending on us to bail them out if there’s trouble. Even combining the efforts of many of these “allies,” they aren’t, as the saying goes, “worth a pitcher of warm spit.” We must always be able to defend our country by ourselves.

As far as I’m concerned, modern liberalism is a dead end. Only conservatism has the values and traditions that will keep us free, prosperous, and strong in the 21st century. That’s why I’m a conservative.

You might be wondering why I’ve started this blog, what I hope to achieve, and what sort of posts I intend to make. The blog is the modern version of the printing press. When the printing press was first developed it gave a voice to those who hadn’t been heard before. Newspapers and books helped make mass education and a universal democracy possible. Without that free flow of information it’s difficult to impossible to be informed and hold the leaders of a nation accountable. The blog has the potential to continue that process of educating and mobilizing people, of holding leaders accountable, of making democracy work better.

This blog is my way of adding my voice to the national debate about the future direction of our country. Hopefully, I’ll say something that will be of benefit to someone. I don’t know how long I’m going to be doing it. I know that I’ll probably blog sometimes more, sometimes less until the election is over. As to what you can expect if you come back: I don’t like doing pure political rants, although I’ll be doing some. I’ll try my best to mix my opinions with some humor, which will be more fun for both you and me. My posts will fall into some combination of the following three categories: (1) thoughtful, (2) humorous, it might give you a smile, and (3) might sound to you like space aliens are whispering into my ear. You decide which of the three categories or combination of categories any of my posts belong in.

BTW, speaking of space aliens, don’t you just love it when those friendly space aliens come to give you advice? I ask myself, why should the Democrats be the only ones to get the benefit of talking to friendly space aliens? You say that Democrats don’t talk to friendly space aliens but only to undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens from Mexico or other earthly nations). Ha! That’s what the Democrats want you to believe. Have you by any chance seen the Democratic economic and energy proposals? Raise taxes, more government regulation, restrict producing oil that we need, and then expect the economy to grow. These Plan(s), all Nine of them, are definitely From Outer Space. No Earthling would come up with such wacky, wacky ideas. Oh, you wascally Democrats.

I’ll be back soon. If you’re interested, look up my blog from time to time.


  1. Welcome to the blogsphere smithy. Man do I ever identify with your story and goals. I too was raised in a traditional, southern Democrat household and was myself, at one time, a card carrying member of the UAW (lived in what was once a GM town and is now a wasteland). Life changes, we reinvent our belief systems and values and move more toward our true core. Welcome again and I will check in from time to time.

    God Bless, JD

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